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Adding products to our site

For a while now we've been wanting to offer some other complimentary items for sale on our site. It's taken some time to work out the details, but we're almost there!

Soon you will see additional products that we think go along well with our Jumperkits. Things like terminal release tools and fusible DMM leads.

As we add these products, we hope that you will find our pricing competitive and enjoy the "one stop" shopping that we hope to provide.

Stay tuned for more! Sign up for our newsletter by registering on the site. Well be sending out the new product announcements soon.

New heavy duty zippered pouch!

We've added a new optional pouch to store your Jumperkits. It's a zippered, heavy duty nylon pouch that will hold up much better than the plastic zip lock bag the kits are currently packed in. Sometimes the pins poke thru the plastic bag, and once it’s ripped, the wires start to fall out!

This rugged nylon bag that will hold up well even when tossed into your tool box! This great bag will help protect the Jumperkit wires from loss or damage.

Use with or without the original plastic Ziploc bag.

Dimensions: 5" x 8"

Comfortably holds 3 or 4 kits, or use the additional room in the pouch for other test leads / tools you may want to store together with the Jumperkit.

You can now order these with your kits here: Zippered Pouch