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Drag Test – Another use for Jumperkits

Intermittent or erratic operation of electrical components can often be caused by poor electrical connections. Poor connections can be caused by;

  • Corroded connector terminals

  • Pins or sockets  that are pushed back into the connector body

  • Poorly mated connector terminals

  • Loose pins

  • Worn out pins or sockets

Corroded terminals can be easily identified by disconnecting the connector bodies and carefully examining the pins and sockets for any corrosion. Any terminals that show signs of  corrosion should be replaced.

Corroded electrical terminals

Pushed back pins or sockets can also be found through visual inspection and also require replacement. Sometimes the cause of the loose terminal may be a worn out body, rather than the terminal itself. If this is the case, replace the connector body and any required terminals.

If nothing is visibly wrong, poorly mated, loose, or worn out terminals can be discovered by performing a “drag test” using the correct wire from our Jumperkits.

Select the correct mating terminal from the Jumperkit and manually insert it into the terminal in the connector. As you slide the terminal in and out, it should fit securely and you should feel a significant amount of “drag”. If not, the terminal should be replaced.

Drag test using a Jumperkit 150 Series Metri-Pack