Blog posts of '2013' 'September'

Cleaner PayPal integration

We've recently made some changes to the site to provide a better integration experience when paying with PayPal! We were seeing a lot of problems when an address entered on Jumperkits did not pass the validation process used by PayPal.

Now you be able to modify the addresses on the PayPal site instead of the order just being totally rejected by PayPal.

As part of this improvement, and to be better able to service our customers, you now have to register on the site before you can check out. There is no more "guest" checkout allowed.

Were sorry for this initial inconvenience, but registering provides us a way to better assist you, and there are also benefits for you too. As a registered user, you can see your past orders, you can save a cart for checkout later and you can re-order from your history!

Thanks for your continued business!


Adding products to our site

For a while now we've been wanting to offer some other complimentary items for sale on our site. It's taken some time to work out the details, but we're almost there!

Soon you will see additional products that we think go along well with our Jumperkits. Things like terminal release tools and fusible DMM leads.

As we add these products, we hope that you will find our pricing competitive and enjoy the "one stop" shopping that we hope to provide.

Stay tuned for more! Sign up for our newsletter by registering on the site. Well be sending out the new product announcements soon.