Jumperkits - The most affordable electrical test probes and leads for automotive electrical connectors

  • Used with multimeters and other automotive diagnostic equipment

  • A variety of different size probes for automotive electrical connectors

  • Male and female probes are included in each size of test lead

  • Simplify automotive electrical diagnostics

  • Free up your hands from trying to hold test probes

  • Safely fit automotive pin and socket type electrical connectors

  • Prevent damage to terminals from inserting other probes

  • Reduce accidental shorts and avoid miss-reads

  • High quality, long lasting products since 2000!


Featured products

Deutsch Common Contact Kit

Electrical test leads for Deutsch Common Contacts. Pin and Socket probes for #12, #16 and #20 AWG.
From $40.00 excl tax

Jumperkit 18001.10-Kit Rev C

2017 Revised edition - Electrical test leads for automotive electrical connectors.
From $54.85 excl tax

Zippered Pouch

Heavy duty nylon zippered pouch
$8.95 excl tax
This new update kit is in stock now and available for purchase.
Coming soon! - .80 mm Metri-Pack 150 - Saturday, February 13, 2016
.80mm Metri Pack 150 series male and female Jumperkit wires.
Square Micro 64 probes are here! - Tuesday, February 25, 2014
We will soon be including square micro 64 probes in the 18001.10-Kit and are currently offering a separate kit with just the square probes.